Access Center

The Division of Student Affairs

Welcome to the Access Center

We are happy you have chosen to attend WSU and we are eager to assist you while you are here.  If you will need accommodations for Alive!, we would ask that you send us documentation describing your disability or medical condition.  Please follow up with our front desk to arrange a brief phone interview with one of our Access Advisors.

The Access Center provides accommodations and services to incoming and current WSU students with disabilities, psychological or medical conditions, or temporary injuries that limit their access to the educational environment.

Some examples of the accommodations and services we provide are testing accommodations (reduced distraction testing environment, extended time, etc.), note-taking, alternative print media, and time management or organizational skill development.

In order to receive accommodations through the Access Center you will need to submit documentation verifying the presence of a limiting condition and meet with an Access Advisor to determine what accommodations will be most helpful for you.  Documentation establishes the individual as a person with specific functional limitations and provides a rationale for reasonable accommodations. 


How to Obtain a State-Issued Disability Parking Permit

In Washington, follow this link for the application and information on how to obtain a Washington State Department of Licensing Disabled Parking Application.

NOTE:  The Access Center DOES NOT issue WSU specific disability parking permits.  All students seeking a temporary parking permit due to medical reasons, must apply to the state for a disability parking placard.