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Snow Removal

Winter is approaching! 

If you have mobility restrictions and will need snow removal assistance, now is the time to communicate your travel route needs to Kappy Brun, who is the Grounds Supervisor for Facilities Operations.   Kappy compiles a priority route list for students and staff with mobility restrictions and shares it with all groups responsible for snow removal.  She will need information from you regarding your daily travel route to your classes and academic meetings.  An example of what she needs is below.  You may contact Kappy at Facilities Operations (335-9000) or complete the on-line form below.  

Sample Snow Removal Schedule
Time of Day(AM/PM) Starting Location Ending Location Notes
8:00 AM Goldworthy Vogel Stadium Way
9:00 AM Vogel CUB Stadium Way/Terrell Mall


Request Snow Removal


Additional Information

There will be days that you will need immediate assistance regarding snow removal.  On these occasions, call the office (listed below) that is most closely associated with your need:  

  • Resident Hall entries are the responsibility of the building’s Housing Department custodian (509-335-1541)
  • Academic building entries are the responsibility of Facilities Operation custodial crew (509-335-9000)
  • Public pathways are Facilities Operation Grounds crew (509-335-9067 or 509-335-9000)
  • Streets and parking are Facilities Operation Heavy Equipment Department responsibility (509-335-9000)
  • WSU Apartments are the responsibility of the Housing Grounds Department (509-335-1541) 

Emergencies can be handled through Facilities Operation Dispatch Office at 509-335-9000.